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James Lehr Kennedy

The Utility Meter Reader is the brainchild of James Lehr Kennedy. Mr. Kennedy has over 40 years in the application of technology serving the needs of the utility industry.

In 1989 Mr. Kennedy founded Twenty First Century Communications. TFCC became a multinational telecommunications company serving the needs of over 100 utilities, representing 70% of the U.S. as well as utilities in Canada and UK. In 2011 Mr. Kennedy sold TFCC to West Corporation.

Prior to founding TFCC Mr. Kennedy served 20 years in government positions of utility regulation. Mr. Kennedy holds over a dozen patents. He holds a BA, MA, and MBA.

Julia L. McDevitt

Chief Operating Officer of Utility Meter Reader. Background includes a B.A. from The Ohio State University, an M.B.A from Franklin University, and a PMP certification from the Project Management Institute. Recent professional background includes COO of Next Future LLC, former Director of Client Services at Twenty First Century Communications (Building and maintaining client partnerships in the US and abroad).

Ellen M. Brown

Executive Assistant to the CEO of Utility Meter Reader and Next Future LLC.  Background includes expertise in communications, market research, and business administration.  Recent professional experience includes being the Executive Assistant to the CEO of Twenty First Century Communications.

Dr. Tom Baird

Senior developer for Utility Meter Reader LLC. Background includes a Ph.D. in Physics from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. Recent professional experience includes Energy Specialist for the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio. Current areas of interest: iOS and Android development, computer vision and machine learning.

Jorg Freiberg

iOS Application Developer. Responsible for user interface design, communication routines and security measures for Utility Alert, Utility Meter Reader Standard and Pro. Schools attended: Kent State University, Houston Community College, University of Washington Seattle, University of California Berkeley, Foothill Community College, San Francisco Community College.

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